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"Verified" by

RealSelf Verified Doctors

Millions have made RealSelf the leading online resource for finding top board-certified plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists. Now they’re offering even more transparency by identifying those that meet their multistep professional and patient care requirements.

High Patient Satisfaction

RealSelf Verified doctors earn and maintain a minimum patient satisfaction rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Good Medical Standing

RealSelf verify the medical license of each RealSelf Verified doctor every 3 months.

Commitment to Transparency

RealSelf Verified doctors promptly answer consumer questions, show unedited before and after photos of their most well-known procedures, and list their active board certifications so you can easily find what your doctor is certified in.

Prompt Responses & Expert Answers

RealSelf Verified doctors commit to responding to member consultation requests within 2 business days.

Dr. Shieh is only 1 of 3 doctors here in Pittsburgh that is "verified" by RealSelf and the ONLY dentist "verified" in the state of Pennsylvania!

Don't trust your beauty to just anyone.

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