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LumiSmile® White whitening gel - 32% Carbamid Peroxide, professional prescription strength whitening gel (Each syringe has 2.5ml of whitening gel) - total of 3 syringes


Whitening Instructions

  1. Place prescription strength LumiSmile® White whitening gel onto your finger tip or a Q-tip
  2. With your finger tip or Q-tip, apply the LumiSmile® White whitening gel onto the teeth that you like to whiten (avoid placing the whitening gel on gum tissue)
  3. Wet the Starlite whitening tray under cold or luke warm water for 5 seconds
  4. Place the Starlite whitening tray into your mouth and gently bite down until your teeth touches the tray (do not bite hard or clinch through the tray)
  5. Plug in your Starlite whitening tray into your iPhone, Android, or laptop/desktop USB port
  6. Leave the Starlite whitening tray in your mouth for 20 minutes (up to 30 minutes if tolerable)
  7. Repeat this routine once/day for 7-days (longer if you like) or once/every other day for 2 weeks pending on how sensitive your teeth and/or gum tissue gets (if any)
  8. Save the plastic tip at the end of the syringe to use to recap after each use. Saliva will pool up in your mouth during treatment. Try not to swallow saliva if possible, just wait to spit out at the end of treatment. If swallowed saliva, there is no harm. If you sense gagging, then pause treatment and restart after you spit out saliva.  If you gums or teeth experiences discomfort, then stop the whitening immediately. Normal discomfort will subside within 24 hours.  If the pain persists past 3 days after you’ve completely stopped treatment, then see a dentist.



    What is the difference between carbamide and hydrogen peroxides?

    Carbamide peroxide is approximately 1/3 of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. LumiSmile® White whitening gel is a carbamide formulation.


    How does peroxide whiten teeth?

    When peroxide breaks down (either on its own, or accelerated with a light) it forms oxygen bubbles that get down into the microscopic pores of the tooth to clean out stains.


    Is it necessary to use a light with the LumiSmile® White whitening gel?

    The LumiSmile White whitening gel may be used with or without a light. However, we recommend the Starlight Smile LED light whitening tray to accelerate and activate the whitening process.


    Will tetracycline stains whiten with LumiSmile® White?

    Intrinsic stains (stains inside the tooth, often caused by medications) are more difficult to whiten than extrinsic stains (surface stains, generally caused by smoking, coffee, red wine, etc.). However, good whitening results can be achieved with either system. Lengthier whitening sessions, higher concentrations, or multiple treatments will help to achieve better results. Each patient is different and results will vary. If whitening does not produce the desired results, LUMINEERS® porcelain veneers may be a better option.


    How white will the teeth get?

    Each patient is different. There is not a way to determine before the procedure what type of shade change will result. Each patient should be informed of this before treatment begins. Be sure to take your own Before and After whitening pictures of your teeth to see the progress.


    What percentages are available with LumiSmile® White whitening gels?

    LumiSmile® White are available in 16%, 22%, and 32% Carbamide peroxide formulations. You'll be getting the strongest concentration 32% through us that you can't get anywhere else.


    Is sensitivity an issue with LumiSmile® White whitening gels?

    LumiSmile® White whitening gel is specially formulated to eliminate sensitivity.


    How long (how many treatments) should each whitening syringe last?

    The number of treatments per syringe varies on how much whitening gel you place on your teeth, how many teeth you want to whiten, and the size of your teeth.  We see on average each whitening syringe can last anywhere between 3-5 treatments.


NOTE: All prices are subject to change without notice.

LumiSmile White Whitening Gel Refill - 3 Pack

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