IMPORTANT: ONLY purchase and pay online if you're an existing patient of PGH Smile Boutique or previous patient treated by Dr. Shieh.  If you are new and never seen patient, then you must schedule a formal consultation first HERE prior to purchase any Botox online.


You are purchasing one quantity of 5 units of Botox Cosmetic to be injected by Dr. Shieh at PGH Smile Boutique.  If you want to purchase 50 units, then you would place 10 quantities in your cart.  If you want to purchase 60 units of botox, then you would place 12 quantities in your cart.  If you are uncertain how many units of Botox you'll need for the areas that you like to treat, then please DM Dr. Shieh on Instagram prior to purchase.  Below is a guideline to how many units of botox some of the popular facial areas usually takes (keep in mind, everyone is different, this guide is only a reference):


Forehead: 10 units

Glabella (between eye brows, "11", frown lines): 15 units

Lateral canthal lines ("crow's feet"): 10 units/eye

Lips (water bottle lines, smoker's lines, wrinkles around the lips): 5 units

Masseter muscle (jaw slimming, jaw contouring, "V-line" procedure): 25 units/side


After purchase, a member of our Smile Team will get in touch with you to schedule your procedure date and time. The final definitive number of Botox Cosmetic units for your procedure(s) will be determined by Dr. Shieh at appointment.  Your botox can be used for the following areas of the face:



Frown line (Glabella)

Crow's feet (Lateral canthal lines)

Bunny lines (sides of the nose)

Jowl lines (corners of your mouth)


Lips (pucker lines)

Jaw reduction contouring (Massater muscles)


1 quantity in cart = 5 units of Botox Cosmetic purcahse

2 quantity in cart = 10 units of Botox Cosmetic purchase

5 quantity in cart  = 25 units of Botox Cosmetic purchase


NOTE: You will not receive any Botox Cosmetic vials through shipping or in the mail.  This order is not to be shipped to any addresses.  This is an online purchase intent for PGH Smile Boutique patients only to be treated by Dr. Shieh for non-invasive patient facial injection cosmetic procedure and to be scheduled at our office.  

Botox Cosmetic - 5 Units

  • Your payment is refundable per our office refund policy (please visit our website for further details) if you choose to not go through with the injection procedure after your consultation with Dr. Shieh.

  • Please select "Store Pick-up" when checking out so there will not be any shipping charges added.