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IMPORTANT: ONLY purchase and pay online if you were seen by Dr. Shieh in the last 6 months. If you were not seen or treatment planned by Dr. Shieh within the last 6 months, then you need a formal in-person consultation before you purchase and pay for this procedure. Please set up your new patient consultation first HERE.  


If you purchased this item online deemed by mistake or due to a misunderstanding, then there will be a 15% cancellation and refund fee. You will NOT receive a full refund.


You are purchasing Botox Cosmetic (botulinum toxin treatment) to be injected by Dr. Shieh at PGH Smile Boutique to treat forehead wrinkles. Dr. Shieh does NOT treat wrinkles based on the number of units, but instead he treats the area. To properly treat your area of concern, it may take 15 units or 65 units, but it doesn't matter how many units it requires, we charge one fee. We understand this treatment fee method maybe more costly than other medical spas who charges Botox by units, but it is Dr. Shieh's belief that charging treatment by the area eliminates the concern of "how many unit do I need" mentality.


If you are uncertain how many units of Botox you'll need for the areas that you like to treat, do not fret, Dr. Shieh will evaluate the quantity and quality of your muscle movements and wrinkles to customize your treatment.


After your online purchase, a member of our Smile Team will get in touch with you to schedule your procedure date and time.


NOTE: You will not receive any Botox Cosmetic vials through shipping or in the mail. This order is not to be shipped to any addresses. This is an online purchase intent for PGH Smile Boutique patients only to be treated by Dr. Shieh for non-invasive patient facial injection cosmetic procedure and to be scheduled at our office. If touch up treatment is necessary, then individual units will be charged at $15/unit. All prices are subject to change without notice.

BOTOX - Forehead

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