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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take my dental insurance?
    Unfortunately, we do NOT participate in or accept any dental insurances, medical insurances, government programs, or dental discount plans. We are a "Fee For Service" (FFS) and categorized as an OUT-OF-NETWORK (OON) provider private practice.
  • Why are your fees higher than others?
    "Expensive" is subjective and also depends on each individual's perceived value on the service(s) in question. Dr. Shieh has priced his services and treatments NOT based on what dental insurance policies dictate or on what other dental practices currently charge, but based on the following: 1) His clinical experience and expertise 2) The amount of time he dedicates to his patients' case planning and results 3) His communication availability and responsiveness to his committed patients from the very beginning to the very end 4) To exceed your smile goals and expectations 5) A private "VIP" office experiences with one-on-one attention Our pricing will most likely increase each year influenced by market inflation and supply chain demands.
  • Do you offer payments or what are my payment options?
    Yes and no. Yes, you may be able to do payments subject to credit approval with one of our preferred 3rd party lenders: CareCredit ( a line of credit) Lending Point (a health loan) No, we do NOT offer any "in house" office payment plans or schedules. For more details on our payment options, policies, and information, please visit our payment page. All of our patients are required to pay their entire treatment plan in full prior to any procedure scheduling.
  • Are you open or do you take appointments on weekends?
    Currently we are "BY APPOINTMENT ONLY" and prefer to schedule our patients for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We can be available to schedule on weekends or evening hours to accommodate out-of-state patients or case-by-case basis. Typically we reserve Thursdays to host our new patient consultations. We do NOT accept any "walk-in", same-day appointment requests, or dental "emergency" visits at our office. How soon you'll have your consultation appointment will depend on many factors such as time of the year, when we receive your consultation fee and online new patient registration, and/or how busy we already are. All new patients will need to go through our formal in-person consultation process. To learn more about or to schedule a consultation appointment, please visit our Schedule A Consult page.
  • Do you take "walk in" or dental "emergencies"?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept any "walk in", same-day appointment requests, or treat dental "emergency" patients. We are "BY APPOINTMENT ONLY" cosmetic practice and Dr. Shieh dedicates all of his time to our already consulted and committed patients. A committed patient = a patient that had completed their formal in-person consultation meeting, accepted their treatment, and had paid their treatment in full We are not your usual general dentist or regular dental office. Dr. Shieh "specializes" and only focuses on comprehensive cosmetic smile transformations. For any general dental needs or "emergencies", please find and contact a general dental practice near you to address your urgent general dental needs.
  • Do you offer FREE consultation?
    Unfortunately we do NOT offer free consultation due to the amount of time Dr. Shieh spends in new patient consultations and the amount of knowledge one will receive during their consultation. Our formal in-person consultation is $200 at this time. To learn how to book an in-person consultation with Dr. Shieh, please click on the button link. Consultation fee may increase or decrease at any time without notice as how Dr. Shieh sees fit.
  • How soon can I get in for my consultation?
    It varies from month to month, but due to the demand for Dr. Shieh expertise, we are booked usually out 2-3 weeks from the day we receive your consultation fee ($200) payment online an your online new patient registration forms. We seldomly have a consultation cancellation or no-shows, but in cases that we do, then we may be able to get you in sooner than 3 weeks.
  • How do I become a patient?
    Thank you for considering Dr. Shieh for your cosmetic dental needs and hopefully you're here because you want cosmetic dental work done to enhance and improve your overall smile. If so, then you've found the right place. To become a patient, you'll need to complete your formal in-person consultation meeting. You can learn more about how to schedule your formal in-person consultation meeting by visiting our Schedule A Consult page.
  • What is your consultation fee policy?
    Once we received your $200 consultation fee payment online, the following policy will be enforced: No-show or reschedule one time without penalty Change of mind / withdraw from consult prior to scheduling, eligible for refund Change of mind / withdraw from consult after scheduling, NO refund After the 2nd cancellation or no-show, NO refund $200 will not be credited to your treatment Must schedule AND complete your consultation within 45 days from payment or you will forfeit $200 paid

If you have a question that isn't answered in our FAQ, then you can either DM us on Instagram, email us, or submit your question through our chat box below.

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