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Payment Options


PGH Smile Boutique accepts the following payment methods:

Online Patient Payment

To pay towards your treatment with credit cards only, please click HERE to purchase office account credit certificates.

Financial Policy

For treatment less than $50,000, 100% of your total treatment proposal is due at time of commitment. For all treatment over $50,000, minimally 80% of your total treatment proposal is due at time of scheduling your first procedure date. Remainder balance due in full at the first treatment appointment. Any amount of payment paid on or after formal consultation will be interpreted and deemed as treatment commitment.


Rescheduling: Once a procedure appointment is made, you may cancel & reschedule one (1) time without penalty. When you reschedule for a 2nd time, you must pay a non-refundable rescheduling fee of $500 prior to us scheduling you. If you no-show or cancel your 2nd rescheduled appointment or attempt to reschedule for a 3rd time, then our office reserves the right to terminate doctor-patient relationship and/or execute our 48 hours or less cancellation policy outlined below.


Total Cancellation of Treatment after commitment:

  • Cancel 2 or more calendar weeks before 1st procedure date, lose 50% of the total funds paid

  • Cancel 1 calendar week or less before 1st procedure date, lose 70% of the total funds paid

  • Cancel 48 hours (2 days) or less before 1st procedure date, lose 80% of the total funds paid


Revision or Retreatment: Patient pays all office fees


Refund: Non-eligible after design process or work has begun. Prior to any starting of treatment, Cancellation of Treatment after commitment policy applies.​

Guarantee / Warranty: None


NOTE* All treatment balance are due prior to scheduling of your treatment/service unless you are using Third-party financing - CareCredit as your method of payment.


Payment Plans - Loans

PGH Smile Boutique currently does not offer an "in-house" payment plan.  The only "payment plan" option you can use is with CareCredit (a credit card subject to credit approval).

We encourage all of our patients to apply for their treatment credit with CareCredit prior to their initial visit if you wish to do monthly payments.  All applications for initial pre-approval will only utilize a "soft inquiry" which does NOT impact on your credit score/report. Once pre-approved by our lender and if you wish to activate the loan, then a "hard inquiry" will be recorded on your credit report and therefor impact on your credit score. 


Care Credit - Line of Credit

CareCredit application button

* Subject to credit approval

Out-of-Network Provider


PGH Smile Boutique is an "out-of-network" provider for all dental insurances.  We are a "Fee-For-Service" cosmetic dentistry office and our cosmetic dental procedure fees are aligned with Dr. Shieh's clinical expertise, experiences, and time to achieve excellence in results.  Our procedures and treatment costs will not be aligned with any dental insurance fee schedules.  We also do not participate in any Medicaid (CHIP, UPMC For You, etc.) or Medicare dental plans.

If you currently have a dental insurance plan with benefits, then we encourage you to contact your dental insurance company to see if your dental insurance plan has any "out-of-network" dental benefits.  Any eligible "out-of-network" dental benefits will be reimbursed directly back to you after you've paid us in full and filed the proper reimbursement insurance paperwork to your dental insurance company. We can be of assist in filing your dental insurance claims, but we are not required to.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate may only be redeemed by the original recipient (non-transferable). Only one redemption per certificate. Expires in one year from date of purchase. Not valid to purchase with other offers, discounts, or certificates. No change will be given on redemption. Once gift certificate is redeemed, credit amount equal to certification amount will remain in recipient's account until the full gifted amount is used up prior to one year from the original purchase date.

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